Your personal property assets are typically taxed at well over market value for several reasons:

  • Tangible personal property is very difficult to value correctly for tax purposes
  • Mass appraisal techniques employed by the assessing authorities use mortality tables that have no connection to market
  • Limited amount of time available to the assessing authorities

Your tangible tax bill is tied to your fixed assets.  Many businesses have ghost asset issues and often report assets that aren’t considered taxable as tangible personal property. Our experience has shown that between 25 – 40% of the fixed assets recorded by a typical organization are being improperly reported and taxed.  Several of our high profile clients have received sizable refund checks by allowing us to review their personal property assessments. 

Reduce Your Taxes – Risk Free!
With a tax review and related fixed asset inventory, you can validate your fixed asset data and dramatically reduce your tax burden. We’re so confident in the hard-dollar benefits we can deliver, that many of our clients chose our contingency arrangement whereby we save you money, or you don’t pay a thing.
Here’s how our Personal Property Evaluation and Review Offer process works:

  • Conduct a complete, accurate, detailed and confidential analysis of your fixed assets and the corresponding tax liability
  • Identify exemptions, abatements, and opportunities to reduce taxes through cost breakdowns and asset reallocation
  • Maintain a clear audit trail with detailed documentation to support any adjustments
Provide ongoing customer support and assistance