Capital Tax understands that valuing commercial real estate takes a combination of experience, education, presentation, and negotiation skills. Here’s how our Real Estate Tax Evaluation and Minimization process works:

  • Analyze the existing value of your property using the traditional valuation methods of cost, income, and market
  • Conduct an analysis of similarly situated properties to determine if your tax is equalized to neighboring properties
  • Compare the Property Appraisers mass appraisal records to your properties market value and unique characteristics
  • File appeals to the Value Adjustment Board and negotiate with the taxing jurisdiction where appropriate
  • Hire and manage expert appraisers and legal teams (where necessary and cost effective) to value your property, in most cases, at our expense
  • Work with the Property Appraiser to settle your case in a judicious and professional manner.

The Property Appraiser doesn’t have time to look into unique attributes of your specific property, such as:

  • Environmental factors
  • Square footage calculations
  • Changing uses of properties
  • Factors affecting comparable sales

We investigate these areas for you and if we discover the Counties assessment was correct, you won’t pay us anything.  Our mission is to find savings for you and we will represent your interests vigorously with integrity and professionalism.