Dade County: Decision of Adjustment

Duval County: Retail Ruling

Palm Beach: Reccomended Decision of Special Magistrate

Polk County: Decision of the Adjustment Value Board

Charlotte County: Real estate adjusted for retail client

Dade County: Broadcast facility, example of multiple year adjustment
Duval County: Over 7 million dollar adjustment for Duval County DC
Hillsborough County: Manufacturer and Distribution facility taxes cut in half
Lee County: Commercial development multi parcel adjustments
Martin County: Walgreens assessments on multiple locations reduced
Pinellas County: Manufacturers tangible personal property assessment reduced
  We represent many large and small businesses. A small sample list of present and former clients that we’re proud to call Capital Tax Services partners are:
Beckman Coulter
British Airways
Biotest Pharmaceuticals
Boca Renaissance Hotel
CBS Television
Clear Channel
Consolidated Container
Cott Beverages
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Cutrale Citrus Juices USA
Givaudan Flavors
Graham Packaging
HBO Latin America
ION Media
Iridium Holdings
Liberty Health Group
M and N Plastics
Maher Chevrolet
Medco Health
Memorial Same Day Surgery
Modern Graphic Arts
Monin Inc

National Tax Resource Group
Newspaper Printing Company
Pacific Tomato Growers
Pall Aeropower Corp.
Park Auto Mall
Precise Technologies
Radiation Oncology
Robbins Manufacturing
Royal George Apartments
Sandy Alexander Inc
S V Microwave
Synergy Self Storage
Sypris Electronics
T Rowe Price
Temple Inland Paper
Transitions Optical
University Technical Institute
Velda Farms
Wachovia Bank NA
Walgreens, Inc.
Wayne Dalton Inc